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Hydro Tec represents a group of products specifically related to the mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection trades.  The company has a 25 year heritage in its local markets and over 60 years of combined sales experience.  With offices in Central Virginia, Metro Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD, Hydro Tec covers the marketing territories of Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.  Specializing in flow measurement and control, Hydro Tec offers multiple product lines from manual balancing valves and flow meters, to automatic flow and temperature control hook ups as a pre-fabricated package.  Other piping specialty products round out the HVAC offering such as flexible pipe connectors, thermometers and gauges, and strainer, check, and shut-off valves.  Hydro Tec also represents a variety of fire protection products.  Fire pumps, pump packages, and complete systems, hose equipment, control valves, and storage tanks for the fire protection industry constitute a full range of products.  The sales staff offers assistance at the design stage to the owner, architect, and engineer as well as to the installing contractor and end user.  From guide specifications to final commissioning, each sales-engineer is trained to follow the project each step of the way to final completion.  If your firm has need of these type products and services, Hydro Tec has the best resources available to help you get the job done.


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